Finding “Me” in the Midst of My Life (12 Week Series ~ 3 hours a week)

This is for women interested in exploring their lives in an “in depth” way. It will be a 12-week commitment, in embracing creative process to look back upon ones life experience and forward to where one is going. As the difficult question is asked about what life is today, in response to the past, women will learn to embrace individual life circumstances, and view them with greater acceptance and understanding. There will be a timeline followed and exploration of the stages of life, the beliefs that were developed during each stage and how that affects one in present day. It will be an introspective journey that gives one a chance to see the BIG picture of life and make sense of the journey.

Journaling, both written and visual will be used to bring together personal pictures, memories, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and desires. The creative process will be the core of the autobiography. Using a variety of mediums and different artistic techniques will be encouraged. All art supplies will be provided. Participants will be encouraged to bring in personal items, in the way of images and belongings that help support their own inner process. All will be on an individual creative journey. Participants will leave with a visual documentation of their life, a deeper sense of self and greater appreciation for the road they have traveled.

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