One (3 hour) artPlayshop 

 This is a “painting experience” where one taps into the creativity of the “Inner Child” It is a time where the participant is encouraged to paint freely, not concerned about the aesthetics or that the painting “looks good” just as we did in our early creative years! This method of painting is not a “results based” approach and there is no focus on technique. It is about painting what one feels, where no planning is involved. It is about putting brush to paper or canvas and allow what is inside, to surface and come to life, in a free and uninhibited way. Images need not be recognizable, however, they can be, but rather, emphasis is placed on experimenting with color, shape, form, texture and gesture, with a child-like spirit of exploration. One goes with the flow, responds in each moment, to what is on the paper and allows intuition to freely express. This is about learning to celebrate the inner creative spirit that lives within, longing to be set free and embracing what spontaneously surfaces. One stays out of the analysis…disengaging the left-brain for just a bit. It is about embracing the mystery of what lies within, remaining open to the transformation that takes place along the way and enjoying the journey of the painting process.

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