Art and Image for Self-Discovery

With the use of art, image, and creative process one steps onto the “Path of Self Discovery.” Individuals of all ages can use creative process as a starting point for emotional healing. It can be used as a non-verbal way to access deep feelings about difficult life circumstances. One often finds that the silence during creative expression is less threatening and more effective than trying to verbally articulate deep emotions. It is an extremely natural way for children to express themselves.

Clients choose an artistic modality: drawing, painting, collage, assemblage (mixed media), or clay as a primary therapy and follow their own process. Art for “process’ sake” becomes the stepping stone into a traditional client/therapist interaction. The use of art and image, as an expressive tool, can help deepen or accelerate the work being done in primary therapy. Image serves as a bridge between feelings, self-limiting beliefs, body experiences and unwanted life patterns. Because use of creative process is a “hands-on action method,” the client uses both kinesthetic and cognitive processes to clarify feelings and emotions.

In addition to using creative process for emotional healing, use of art and image is also an effective way to explore one’s spirituality through personal creative process. Artists who are blocked can benefit from the use of art for “healing’s sake” as they navigate life’s challenges. Art-making opens doors to discussion, allowing one the ability to gain greater understanding and self-awareness. At imagePathways, EMDR or EFT may also be integrated into one’s process, leading to desired behavior change.