Art and Physical Healing

There has been extensive research done over the last forty years in the area of split-brain functioning, creative visualization and psycho-neuroimmunology (the study of emotions on the immune system). It is clearly seen that there can be profound, deep physical healing experienced in the lives of those using art-making as a tool for healing. Medical science has revealed that when we heal our emotional wounds, we can also heal the wounds of the body making a direct connection between the emotions and physical body. As one translates images of the mind into art, a deep sense of concentration is created. One’s whole attention is focused and art-making takes one away from the concerns of the world. The focusing causes the ancient neural pathways of the brain to transport a person elsewhere to a state resembling meditation and prayer as insight emerges. It basically involves the deep relaxation needed for healing. Vast amounts of information are available on the Internet if one searches psycho-neuroimmunology or mind-body connection/physical healing.